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The Distributed $1B+ Company That Powers 1/3 of The Web With Beau Lebens (EP 3)

Today, my guest is Beau Lebens.

You guys are in for a real treat.

Beau is the Head of Product Engineering for Jetpack at Automattic. Automattic is the company behind WordPress.com, which currently powers 1/3 of the web.

Beau was employee #35 at a company that is now a staggering 855 team members and counting. Automattic is valued north of $1B and operates as a 100% distributed team.

Beau started coding back as a teenager while growing up in a small town in Western Australia. But as his skills & experience continued to grow, his travels brought him to Hawaii, San Francisco, Brooklyn and now Denver, Colorado.

He oversees what I believe to be one the most dynamic product teams in the world. And in this episode there’s a ton of takeaways, from understanding the seemingly “unscalable” hiring process all the way to what is arguably the most robust tech stack I’ve ever seen for a distributed team.

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The Man Behind Techstars’ Remote Startup Accelerator With Ryan Kuder (EP 2)

Today, my guest is Ryan Kuder.

Ryan is the Managing Director at Techstars Anywhere

Techstars is a global startup accelerator with a combined market cap of over $18B. They’ve funded companies like DigitalOcean, ClassPass, Bench, Plated, Localytics and SendGrid, which was acquired for $3B.

Traditionally, the Techstars accelerator programs are city specific, but Ryan is in year 3 of an experiment to operate the program remotely with the founders who are accepted.

Ryan is a 17-year tech veteran, having served as both a founder of several startups, and an executive at many more, including ecoATM.

To round out his career even more, Ryan previously held marketing and product roles at both Yahoo and eBay. 

Speaking personally, I can tell you that Ryan is like a poo poo platter of startup wisdom and experience and I’m thrilled share our conversation with you today.

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Building an Award-Winning Diamond Inbound Agency 100% Distributed With Ryan Malone (EP 1)

Today, my guest is Ryan Malone.

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of SmartBug Media

SmartBug is the #1 rated inbound marketing agency and a Diamond HubSpot partner.

Ryan started the agency over 10 years ago when building a distributed team was something that most people thought was absolutely crazy.

Now approaching 60 full time employees, Ryan and his team are redefining what a successful agency looks like.

In this episode, we cover:

-The terrible former boss that influenced Ryan’s future cultural values

-How SmartBug has scaled their recruiting while running a distributed team

-How SmartBug completely shuts down 1x per quarter to crush professional development

And much more

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